1-year B.Com Subjects

1-year B.Com Subjects | B.Com Eligibility Criteria 2021

1-year B.Com Subjects | B.Com Eligibility Criteria 2021

Do you know about the 1st-year of B.Com subjects? Do you want to know which subjects are in the first year? Go ahead or read the given article. Complete information related to your course is given in the article below.

About B.Com

BCom stands for Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce degree was first introduced at the University of Birmingham. This course is available both offline and online. Its main focus is to give the student knowledge of account, business, and finance.

Some colleges also offer advanced university courses which offer B.Com MBA. To specialize in B.Com, students also do B.Com Honors. After completion of B.Com, students get a lot of career opportunities like management, teaching, advertising, journalism, law, design, etc.

List 1-year B.Com Subjects

Semester- 1
Semester – 2
Financial AccountingCommunication Language
Environmental StudiesBusiness Laws
Business Organization and ManagementBusiness Mathematics and Statistics
New Venture PlanningBusiness Communication
Business EconomicsCorporate Accounting
Principal of Micro- EconomicsPrincipal of Macro Economics
English and Business CommunicationEconomics of Regulation of Domestic and Foreign Exchange Markets

Financial Accounting –

 Financial Accounting Topics are very important in the first year, in this subject we learn about accounts, documents, transactions, or reporting. It’s having six chapters related to accounting finance.

Environmental Studies –

 Environmental studies are related to our environment, in this, we read about the environment around us like geography, nature management, social planning, pollution control, etc.

Business Organization and Management –

 Organization and management describe how to design the structure of the business or how that structure will help us achieve our goals. Such an organization is based on systems of law governing contract and 

New Venture Planning –

 New Venture Planning describes how to plan a new business to identify opportunities, determine resources, which strategy is required, innovative ideas to set up for the business.

Business Economics –

 Business economics is a field where we study things related to marketing, production demand, production and cost, profit-maximizing, or discuss financial issues faced by corporations.

Principal of Micro Economics –

 The principle of micro-economy states how each person reacts to any situation related to economics or financials. There are 7 principles of microeconomics, the first key being that consumers behave rationally and will always pursue optimal results.

English and Business Communication –

 Business communication is a way to convey your ideas to others. Through this, we can share our innovative ideas with other companies. Good communication makes a good impression on the front of employees. It also helps a lot in growing the business.

Communication Language –

 Communication language is the same as our business communication, which conveys our ideas to each other. With the help of communication, the person in front can understand our words without any error.

Business Laws –

 Business law is used to resolve matters between people. We also call it commercial law or business law. It is under the supervision of all the laws and people have to follow their decision too.

Business Mathematics and Statistics –

 Business Mathematics and Statics play a huge role in BCom, with the help of this business leaders can easily understand the key functions, and the business management and keep a record of it.

Business Communication – 

Good communication is to maintain an employer and employee relationship. Communication has a big impact on the lives of children so that they correct their mistakes. And It also helps to maintain a relationship between the company and employees. 

Corporate Accounting –

Corporate Accounting is a way to maintain a balance sheet systematically. And it can also be used to handle unique corporate business processes such as absorption, amalgamation, and creation of consolidated documents.

Principal of Macro Economics –

 Macroeconomics is used to handle economic activity, that works at analyzes measure parts such as national income, national output, inflation, Economic growth, Gross domestic product, etc.

1-year B.Com Eligibility Criteria 

  • After qualified of 10+2 students can do the BCom course.
  • Students of Arts, Science stream can also allow for a B.Com.
  • Students must get at least 50% marks in their competitive exams.


We have given information about all the subjects related to B.Com in very brief, hope you have liked  all the content about 1-year B.Com subjects. And if there is any doubt or you want to share something, then free feel to comment below.

Thank you!

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