BUMS Medical

BUMS Medical | BUMS Course | 2021 Eligibility Criteria

BUMS Medical | BUMS Course | 2021 Eligibility Criteria

Hello, guys do want to know the full form of BUMS. And to which field it is related. The detailed information about the BUMS course. Course information like is it Undergraduate or Postgraduate, eligibility criteria and mandatory things to do while completing or before completing the course. Which are the most important subjects it is a course from the medical field, so every subject is most important but still some subjects are most required for completion, of course, to be practically applied? You will be confusion-free about the BUMS course if you read the whole article.

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  • Full form of BUMS
  • About
  • BUMS Medical Course Details
  • Eligibility Criteria for BUMS Medical
  • Entrance Examinations and Patterns
  • Examinations
  • Pattern
  • Top Jobs
  • Conclusion

Full form of BUMS:

The full form of BUMS is Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery. In this course, they mostly concentrate on the field of Unani medicine. It was originated in Greece from the Greek culture.

About BUMS Medical:

As you know the full form of the BUMS course i.e., Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery this course is related to the medical field. This comes in an undergraduate course and of the duration of 5.5 years. It is the study of Unani medicine which is Perso-Arabic traditional medicine and originated by the Greek people and most used and developed in Muslim culture in South Asia and Central Asia. It came into focus in India in the 8th century onward and continued to date. The father of Unani is Buqrat better known as Hippocrates.

BUMS Medical Course Details:

The name of the degree is Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery. Abbreviated as B.U.M.S. The duration of the course is 4.5 years and a mandatory 1-year internship after completion of the course. The average fee for the course is Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 650,000.

This course is trusted and based on medicine from Unani. Unani is a popular branch of medicine, and it is in practice from or before 6000 years. Unani is very effective for curing patients suffering from infertility, diabetes, kidney stone, vitiligo, and many more diseases. After completion of this course, there are a lot of career options for candidates in the real world for their bright future.

Eligibility Criteria for BUMS Medical:

1] Candidate must pass 10+2 or 12th or equivalent examination.
2] Candidate must have subjects that are Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Biotechnology with English as a core subject.
3] Candidate must be at least 17 years of age on the year of application.
4] Candidate must qualify and have valid NEET marks. Depending on college.
Above are the edibility criteria for the BUMS degree and there is no specialization in the BUMS program. Because it is already a specialization program.

Entrance Examinations and Patterns:


There aren’t too many Examinations available for BUMS exams. The main and known examinations are NEET (National Level Examination) and KEAM (State Level Examination). And many more Examinations are available based on different colleges like BVP CET, OJEE, and IPU CET.


Mostly all the examinations are pen-paper-based. National level examinations are offered in a total of 11 languages and candidates must choose 1 language while filling the application form. The duration of the exam is 3 hours. Subjects are Physics, Chemistry, mandatory Biology. Total questions are dependent on the examination that you give. The marking scheme also depends on the examination that you select so prepare according to the selected exam and do so.

Top Jobs:

After the completion of the course, there are many career options available. You can join as a Scientist, Consultant, Lecturer, Therapist, Pharmacist, Unani Distributor, or Medical Assistant also.
All the above-mentioned job profiles are very trending right now and are very good for an income source. People are trusting doctors for their life and due to the pandemic situation, the medical industry gained everything and in every possible way. So the medical side is one of the most trusted places to be that’s why you can choose this as a career in the future.


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