Computer science engineering

Computer Science Engineering | 2021 Eligibility Criteria | Best Posts and Companies

Computer Science Engineering | 2021 Eligibility Criteria | Best Posts and Companies

Do you want to know the best course in demand right now in the market? Then you are in right place here you will get all the required information related to Computer Science Engineering and related stuff. About how to apply for the course? Is there scope in learning Computer Science Engineering? What is the basic need for Computer science Engineering? From when to start to study to get Computer science Engineering as the main course. So read the whole article and get all the information about Computer science Engineering.

About Computer science Engineering:


Computer science Engineering is a course in which you will get all the knowledge about implementation, design for both software and hardware developments. Here you will learn all the main topics like Data Base Management, Operating system, Microprocessor, Data structure, Mobile communication, Network Security, and all that is very interesting and increase your eagerness to learn more it is a course that is same like MBBS but for machine and technology.

It is one of the highest-paying jobs creating the course. It was first discovered by Jhon Vincent Atanasoff and Clifford Berry by creating the first-ever computer which was called an Electronic Digital Computer. Now it is one of the well-known fields which are growing rapidly and this is not going off the field soon. You can be in this field and love to learn how the things run which we use in our day-to-day life. 

Subjects in Computer Science Engineering:


There is a total of 40 subjects in engineering so not every subject is that much important. Students categorize what they want to do and select accordingly and decide which subject they should focus on. If you decide this at the start then it is a smooth and easy way for the students to achieve, the goal that they have set. Now below is the list of subjects that must be studied properly independent of what is/ what they want to do in the future. Because these are core subjects that every student must know and these are also the base of that student so must be focused.

  1. Computational mathematics both 1 and 2 
  2. Operating System
  3. Microprocessor & Microcontroller
  4. Object-Oriented Programming 
  5. Database Management System
  6. Software Engineering
  7. Internet Technology
  8. Artificial Intelligence (Most trending and important right now)
  9. Computer Architecture 
  10. Data Structure

There are more important topics but these you must know and are the core subjects for Computer science Engineering. The list is not over yet but keep studying and shining more every day and learn new skills.

Eligibility Criteria for Computer science Engineering:


These are a few of the criteria applying for Computer science Engineering they are listed below read carefully and get confusion-free. 

  1.  Candidate must have completed 10+2 with 50% or more and must have subjects that are Physics, Chemistry, and most important Mathematics as a mandatory subject.
  2. Depending on the college candidate decides to apply he/she must clear the entrance exam for getting admission in that college according to their rule and regulation.
  3.  Candidate must have to attend the counseling round for choosing the college that he wants to apply to.

Entrance Exam according to Colleges:


If he/she wants to apply to a particular college then he/she must know that which entrance must give to get admission to that college.

Type of collegeEntrance Exams
IITJEE Main, JEE Advance
Under UniversityCET
PG in IITGate
PG in NITGate

In certain colleges beyond these entrance exams, they also have to give their own set exam for admission in their colleges so before applying please study about the college and follow their system.

Companies and Posts after completion:


Companies like TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, Infosys, IBM, Accenture, HCL, Adobe, and last but not the least Google are the companies that are searching for graduate and post Graduates for the posts like System Database Administrator, Computer Programmer, System Designer, Software Developer, Software Engineer, and Research Analyst so these were few of the options for the students and most important companies in the market are right now leading in every possible field.



It is one of the most important fields right now if you focus on the right thing now then is a great opportunity tomorrow so work hard now to get a bright future and not just this field if you work hard enough then you are successful that is for sure. And if you like this article then please share it with your loved ones like friends, family, and anyone you know.

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