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Best Government Jobs 2021 | Benefits | Eligibility Criteria

Best Government Jobs 2021 | Benefits | Eligibility Criteria

Nowadays government jobs are one of the most valued jobs. Due to the stability of jobs and good salaries, the demand for the government has increased rapidly. We have covered different types of government jobs and salaries. Go through the article for more clarity and a simplified understanding of Government jobs.

About Government jobs

Government jobs provide a secure job. Its objective is to make a better life for the people. Government jobs are a particular post in any government sector taking some actions on behalf of the government.
By choosing government jobs we can change our country as well as our world. There are different sectors for the different jobs which provide honor in serving the public.

Top Government jobs

Indian Foreign Services (IFS) – 

Indian foreign Services is one of the top civil services. Indian Foreign Service under both in group A and group B. There are three stages for qualifying the IFS exam: Prelims, Mains and Interview.

There are 30-35 vacancies for IFS every year. An IFS officer works with the minister of external affairs and deals with diplomacy, trade, and cultural relations of the country.

Indian Administrative Services (IAS) – 

Indian Administrative Service is one of the respected professions. The life of an IAS officer is filled with many obstacles and challenges. The Indian Administrative handles affairs of the government at the stage of central level, district level, and divisional level.
The central level involves the framing of the policies, In the district level handles the district affairs including development duties and In the divisional level handles laws and orders.

Indian Police Service (IPS)

Indian Police Service is one among the three all-India Services. Both the union government as well as Individual states can employ an IPS officer. The IPS officers are responsible for their respective departments.

IPS officers have more power to maintain laws and orders in society. IPS officers also lead the police force and provide the right directions for public security.

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

ISRO is the national space agency of India for all spaced-based applications. The main role of the Indian Space Research Organization is to design, development and realization of the satellite. 

Indian Engineering Service (IES) –

IES officers were appointed as class-1 officers who worked under the Indian government.

To qualify for this exam candidates should face two stages and the qualified candidates are formed under the four categories are electronics and telecommunication engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. They all work across technical areas like railways, construction, power, etc.

Benefits of government jobs

  • Government jobs provide the proper medical facilities as well as a good salary.
  • In government jobs, there is less workload for the government employees.
  • In the government, the sector fixed working hours for employees.
  • The government also provides job security.
  • Government employees do not need to worry about their future because the government also provides the pension on time until he/she dies.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidate having a degree from any recognized university.
  • Candidates can attempt the exam between 21 to 30 (age limit).
  • Caste scheduled candidates have no restrictions for attempts.
  • General category candidates allowed for seven attempts.
  • Other backward class candidates allowed for nine attempts.
  • The candidate must have good soft skills such as communication skills.
  • Other backward class candidates have no restrictions for attempts.
  • General category candidate allowed for six attempts.
  • Caste’s scheduled candidate allowed for nine attempts.
  • Candidates must know their respective posts in government jobs.


Government jobs Highest Salary

Indian Foreign Services (IFS)
Rs.2,40,000 / month

Indian Administrative Services (IAS)
Rs.2,50,000 / month

Indian Police Service (IPS)
Rs.2,25,000 / month

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
Rs.80,000 / month

Indian Engineering Service (IES)
Rs.90,000 / month


We have tried to highlight all the criteria and different Government jobs and salaries of a government employee. Let me know your views on the article in the comment section below.

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