IITs in India

Top IITs in India | 2021 Criteria for Ranking | Top IIT Courses

Top IITs in India | 2021 Criteria for Ranking | Top IIT Courses

Do you know which are the top IITs in India? Which courses are available in IITs? On which basis they are ranked? What is NIRF ranking? How NRIF works? On which basis IITs are ranked? You will get an answer to all these questions today. In this article, we will try to answer all your questions related to IITs in India. So read the whole article and if you like it then share it as much as possible. nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

About IITs in India:

One of the colleges which produce the most talented youngsters is the IITs in India. These are the colleges that are well known for the quality of education that they provide and students from there are famous for their talent. IIT means technology at its best with the most talented one. These colleges are ranked according to the NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework).

IIT colleges give the best Mechanical, Computer, Electronics, Electrical, Civil, and including other branches engineers in the world. The best companies in the world like Google, Microsoft, Infosys, and many others hire these engineers with ease because they know that they are capable of it.


NIRF is National Institute Ranking Framework. It was launched by the Minister of Human Resource Development on 29th Sep 2015. NIRF is approved by MHRD. The key feature for development is ranking by our concern. Because if you provide ranking among the colleges then there is competition among them about who will provide the best facilities for students? And due to this when everybody wants to win in another way, they will surely adequate the best things to students. So due to competition there comes the possibility of development.

List of TOP IITs in India:

The best colleges in India in the field of technology are provided. They are ranked according to the ratings\we can call them scores given by the NIRF. The highest score is 89.93 almost 90 also IIT college secured that score holds the record of 1st position from the beginning. In the table, you can see all information about the IIT colleges.


Name Of InstituteScore by NIRF
IIT Madras89.93
IIT Delhi88.08
IIT Bombay85.08
IIT Kanpur82.18
IIT Kharagpur80.56
IIT Roorkee76.29
IIT Guwahati74.90
IIT Hyderabad66.44
IIT Indore
IIT Dhanbad

Criteria for Ranking:

Ranking means comparing but comparing on what basis that is too important. Below are the field given through which these IITs compete to get the top position.
1]. Teaching and Learning Resources Provided by the college.
2]. The Outcome from Graduation.
3]. The all-around Perception.
5]. Inclusivity with Outreach of the college last but not the least
6]. Professional Practice and Research provided/ allowed by the college.
These are the parameters through which the comparison goes on. Through which NIRF ranks them so that we can rank them accordingly. Among all these facilities NIRF checks every sector of the college and then ranks the college accordingly.

Top Courses by IITs in India:

Now, these are the top institutes in India. what courses do they provide? That is also important. Below are the basic courses that IITs provide. Both UG and PG courses in technology background are available in IITs.
Below table is the list of courses provided by the IITs.
UG ProgramsPG Programs
Bachelor Of ScienceM.SC-PhD
Bachelor Of TechnologyMaster of Technolgy
Bachelor Of DesignMaster of Design
Bachelor Of ArchitectureMaster of Architecture


In short, these are the top IITs in India colleges that hunt for the most talented candidate and provide the best quality of education for the betterment of society or them depending on their perspective. If you like the article or think that you got some useful information today then share this article with your friends, family, loved ones, and most important to those who really must know these things.
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