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Best 2021 Software to Edit Videos

Best 2021 Software to Edit Videos

In day-to-day life, we create videos for various purposes such as seminars, projects, presentations, functions, and for various other reasons. But these videos will not be up to mark until we give a final touch-up to them by editing them. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner and regardless of experience in video editing.

We have brought all the information in the article and listed some of the best software to edit videos which are very easy to use and operate. These software will help you in making the best videos for all your school, college works presentations projects and also for various other purposes.

List of Best Software to edit videos

Corel VideoStudio:

It is one of the best video editing apps. It provides the best interface for editing videos. It is composed of a variety of features that will make your work easier.


  • It comes with more than 1500 creative filters and effects which can be applied easily with its drag and drop feature.
  • Composed of enhanced AR stickers.
  • Customization can be trouble-free due to the enhanced Auto Motion blur effect. 
  • Provided with templates due to which any type of clips can be made within a fraction of a minute.


Especially known for its video editing feature and also known for its widest supporting formats. Let’s look at some of its best features below.


  • World-class trimming
  • Multicam editing
  • Customizable Interface
  • Enhanced VFX with Boris
  • Royalty-free media
  • Supports Multi-layer special effects.
  • One can easily edit and play music from Audio Network.


Shotcut supports all types of audio and video formats. It consists of multiple dockable and undockable panels including all its media properties. It was conceived by Charlie Yates in November 2004. Dan Dennedy is a Lead developer of Shotcut.


  • Sleek, Intuitive Interface.
  • Supports a wide variety of formats.
  • Webcam and audio capture.
  • Audio mixing across all tracks.
  • Enhanced audio filters bass, bandpass, compressor, and many more.
  • Advanced features of Timeline include drag and drop, snapping, panning, and zooming.
  • Consists of powerful key-frame animation.

Davinci Resolve:

It is the most popular software which is like a single medicine for all diseases. It is a combination of all the solutions for different tools such as editing, motion graphics, visual effects, and audio post-production. Let’s have a glance at its advanced features:


  • Cinematic visual effects and motion graphics.
  • Professional tools specially designed for audio post-production.
  • Supports wide varieties of formats with great finishing.
  • Designed with AI which automatically detects faces in clips and creates bins and also based magic masks.
  • New HDR grading tools for primary controls.
  • Comes up with a next-generation audio engine that supports over 2000 tracks.
  • Color warper for redefined grading


Recognized as award-winning open-source editing software. It is a cross-platform software that supports Linux, Mac, and Windows. Openshot is incredibly easy to use and edit videos.


  • Powerful animations and keyframes
  • Slow-motion and Time Effects
  • Simple User Interface with 3D Animations.
  • Unlimited Tracks and Audio Waveforms.
  • The transition of video with Real-time previews.

VSDC Free Editor:

One of the best software to edit videos. It comes with both free and paid versions. Mostly appreciated for video stabilizers that remove jitter from GoPro cameras as well as drones. It is a composite of multimedia tools in one software.


  • It is a powerful key tool for removing the green background.
  • Supports all the functionalities such as video editing, improving audio, recording, and many more.
  • It works on all types of systems even on the lowest system requirements.
  • Set of latest filters, effects, transition.
  • Supports all types of audio/video formats and even codecs.


We hope this article will make your sorting software to edit videos easier. Based on the above information you can easily choose the best software for video editing and the above software will help you in making out the best videos for your projects, presentations, and functions. Please share with your friends and keep connected for more updates.

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