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We have expressed about the people who made us and our career i.e., our teachers. We are going to see how to celebrate teacher’s day? From when did teacher’s day was started? Who started to celebrate teacher’s day? The importance of teachers. And all the important information in today’s article.

About Techer’s Day:

So today we are going to get all information about teacher’s day. It is like a festival for all the people who are from an educational background. By default, it is a festival to all how? Means everybody has gone to school at least once and that is why everyone knows the importance of school and is also called a temple to worship God there i.e., teachers. It is celebrated on the 5th of September every year.

History of Teacher’s  Day:

As this society is developing rapidly and growing from all the perspectives due to teachers. To remember the contribution they have made in this world and all the important values they have been teaching every one of us and also to recognize their contribution towards society, we celebrate teacher’s day.

Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was the first Vice President of India and he was also a respected teacher, philosopher, and doing many more things at that time. Students of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan decided to celebrate his birthday and his achievements in the teaching field but instead he told to their students to celebrate it as teacher’s day because he has contributed in that field and his opinion about teachers was that, teachers are the best minds in the world.


We should celebrate teachers’ day not only on the teacher but every day but respecting them, listening to them, doing what they tell and all. For school students, this day means wishing to teachers, giving them roses, having a gathering of students, and some of which give speeches, chocolates, and gifts.

Now in the 21st century, it is not so same because due to pandemics everything has changed to virtualize and celebrations too. Now sending virtual greetings, messages in which quotes and all is included and this is the way to show the love and cherish teachers. Even schools, colleges are not open but due to virtualization everything is possible and these events occur with care. This celebration is carried out by UNESCO all over the world on every 5th of September. UNESCO wants to tell the world that education is important and every individual choice and every human’s basic right and they are trying to provide free education to every child possible. And UNESCO wants o to educate 690 lakh students by 2030 so that they can provide education to those who don’t get it.

Expressing Gratitude:

If you are a teacher then you should thank your teacher because what you have achieved today is because of their efforts so you must thank them. One day you will probably look back and see the successes you have achieved is due to someone’s guidance and that someone who guided you to this success is your true teacher and once in a while to just say thank you for the successes that you have achieved.
And you already know who has taught you to this extent and made you so you must say thank you to that teacher in your life so that that teacher will be motivated and will get more energy to keep doing the work he does. And the teacher is not only in schools they are everywhere you go in one are another form you will find that teacher and in helping someone in something you are too a teacher so keep doing what you do and we to say thank you to all the teachers in the world.


These are our thoughts about teachers and do share this article with the one teacher in your life who drastically changed your life. And what you are today is because of them. And also, if you liked this article do share it with your friends, family, and your loved ones. If your share this it will keep motivating us to do much more things.
Thank you.

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