what are transcripts

What are Transcripts? | Best Technique for writing Transcripts

What are Transcripts? | Best Technique for writing Transcript

Don’t know what are transcripts? Looking ahead more about transcripts? Check out this article to know what are transcripts and the criteria for writing transcripts and why we should prepare transcripts.

About Transcript:

Fundamentally the detailed documentation of marks or grades certified by your current or recently studied university is known as a transcript. It can be hard copies or soft copies. It is an inventory of documents that are included with all the certificates, marks, grades, awards, achieved by the individual in his/her educational field.

What are Transcripts?

Now basically transcript is created using all the documents which are achieved fully not partially means the document/certificate mustn’t be ongoing they must be completed. If it is filled correctly and properly then it may give you the overall view of your grade and qualification that are achieved by you. If the complete representation of a student’s record in the academy is also known as the Official Transcript.

Official Transcript has a signature and stamp to certify it, or also can be sent through electronic give out a system for example like Digital, Myeasydocs, Dropbox, and Securedocs, etc. when you prepare a transcript then each document must have the following details of the student

Criteria For Transcript:

A] Student’s Information: such as Name, parent’s name, DOB, year of passing.

B] Institution’s Information: such as Name of institution, Address, University under which it from.

C] Course Information: Such as Degree, Title of the course, Durations, etc.

D] And also other details like beginning date, of course, Date of receipt, of course, Grade obtained, Percentage secured, marks in every subject, etc.

Good Technique for writing Transcript:

This created transcript must be in serial ordered from beginning to end by the date of completion means the first completed must be placed 1st and the remaining in the series and last one at the end and whichever is not yet completed or still in process should not be included in the list of transcripts.

And when you create a transcript with the help of every possible way you can and there is some miss-leading(wrong) information or any incomplete information in your transcript and you submit the same without making the changes after cross-checking the information provided by you if found false or incomplete records then the university denies the application and you will be eliminated from the process. To provide the complete and right information available to you.  

Why prepare such a type of transcript? and what are they called?

When you want to apply for admission for your education in college/university/institute in State/National/Inter-national level then there must be a transcript and then that transcript is called as Academic Transcript. 

When you create a strong transcript while applying for secondary/higher education then it will help you get shortlisted among the students who are among your competition and ease your way to the next step.

When you create such Official Academic Transcripts then it gives the overall view of student like what are his/her achievements, what have he/she has qualified, what are the remarkable things which should be noticed, from where he/she have completed his/her previous education and this will help to everyone. Who has one and maintained one will get the benefit sooner or later So, whoever is going to maintain such a thing will automatically boost his/her career by default. 

So, we suggest everyone who is from the educational field must tell the importance of transcripts to the one who needs to know on their level and help others by their side as possible. Hence to apply for education there must be a transcript so start preparing one for you and if you have already then upgrade it, and keep the things updated in it. And if you are a student then it is a must thing for you guys.


It’s a resume for students which can also be called an entry ticket if filled well enough or an eliminating chamber if refused and totally dependent on the students themselves So as freshers are applying for jobs the same thing is with the students so as the job is important to fresher(students) and as they are excited and curious about their resume for getting the job the same excitement must be in students for creating the Transcript for getting whatever they are aiming for. hence, start creating Transcript and make your way easier than ever and start it right now at this movement if not now then you will never. 

So please let us know your views  on this article about what are transcripts? and suggestions below in the comment box.

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